Golden opportunity

Golden opportunity

April 4, 2019

Eman Mohammed Al Mannai sold 11 apartments in her first week as Vice-President of Golden Gate Sales and Marketing. Here, she explains the appeal of this development and why it lured her back into another company’s workplace

Eman Mohammed Al Mannai is the new Vice-President of Golden Gate Sales and Marketing, heading up an all-Bahraini team selling apartments in what she believes is a landmark building for this country


“After I left my old position in December 2018, I decided I wanted freedom from managing other people’s projects,” says Eman Mohammed Al Mannai. “I had been in real estate for 15 years and I wanted the opportunity to do my own thing. However, after I was approached by Golden Gate and found out about this development – about the quality of the finishes and the outstanding location of this landmark building – I couldn’t say no.”

She remains delighted by her decision and her new role as Vice-President of Golden Gate Sales and Marketing. Golden Gate is an easy sell, she believes, because as the tallest residential freehold tower in the country, it has “landmark” status. Coupled with this are its facilities, which reflect the developers’ two-year study into what buyers in Bahrain want; and the location in Bahrain Bay, which the 2030 vision places at the centre of the capital.

“This project is a jewel, with great finishes, a great location and a great price,” Eman says. “It is selling for BD740 per square metre or from BD52,000 per studio. No other freehold areas are selling at that price, so here you are getting the prime of the prime for an incredible price, because the developers are trying to share the profits with their investors. And with this location, the price will go up – with the 2030 vision for Manama, I don’t believe this area will be less than BD1,000 per square metre. We are offering buyers a no-interest deal that involves paying 10 per cent every four months. On a BD52,000 studio, that means your payments are cheaper than a car.”

Golden Gate is a joint venture between Mayfair Housing, Ajmera Realty and Kooheji Golden Gate. It comprises two towers, one of which is the tallest in the Kingdom.

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The first Bahraini woman to be certified in international property, Eman is passionate about property in general – she has a licence to buy and sell in 62 countries around the world – as well as Bahrain as an investment opportunity. “Bahrain is a magnet destination,” she says. “I tell my Instagram followers not to listen to me just because I’m a Bahraini, but to listen to the foreigners who are investing their life savings in my country.” According to her records, people from more than 50 countries have invested with her, from countries as far apart as Venezuela and Australia, Colombia and Sudan, Hong Kong and Romania. “My hashtag is #welcome_to_myBahrain. Bahainis are the asset in this country, and this gives confidence to investors.”

She is proud, therefore, that Golden Gate is being sold by a team of all Bahrainis, and happy, too, that the majority of buyers to date are Bahraini. According to Eman, they are a mix of end-users and investors – she believes, of course, that property is a brilliant sector for investment. “Real estate will generate money all your life if you invest carefully and correctly, but you need to do your research. After the International Coaching Federation certified me, I wanted to educate people about where to put their money. I gave some free sessions through the Ministry of Labour and Social Development about how to develop your economic situation through property. Many developers just want to sell and they don’t really care about the people who buy; but for me, since this is my field, if I cheated someone today and they made a terrible investment, then next time they wouldn’t come back and I would have lost them forever. I tell my team that you need to help people as well as sell to them, and you have to be honest.”

Her desire to promote property investment has led her to write her own book, which was published this month. “I was searching in the market for a specialised real estate book and couldn’t find anything, so I wrote my own guide to investing in dual languages. I hope it makes readers feel as if I am with them, wherever they are in the world, offering suggestions about where and how to invest.”

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