Osama Abubshait – A Man with a Passion for Business

Osama Abubshait – A Man with a Passion for Business

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In the tradition of his family, Osama Abubshait works in the property industry – but the parking and bodyguarding services also offered by his company, which he named after his daughter, are his own

Osama Abubshait founded Al Jory two years ago, offering parking and bodyguarding services in addition to property-finding and construction

Osama possess competencies, of founding and running businesses as well as having a religious background which is his base in dealing with business matters. In dealing with business, he uses his honesty, credibility, professionalism, and hard working ethics to deliver his services to his respected customers. This is a quality that he inherited from his family history and his ancestors. He acquired his business determination from his uncle Sheikh Abdullah Fouad who is one of the best leaders that Osama learnt the valuable lesson of how not to give up. Osama’s cohesive talking and writing and business ethics was leant from his father Sheikh Khalid Bin Hammad Abubshait who was a religious leader at his time. All of the above shaped Osama’s personality and made him able to act, move and make successful business decisions.

Osama has founded his business AL Jory two years ago, offering valet parking services and personal assistance. In addition to that, he entered the construction field in which he provides services in construction and other related services.

Al Jory offers a diverse range of services that include parking, bodyguards and personal assistance services. The first is particularly relevant for parties in this country and across the causeway.

“My staff are responsible for managing the vehicles and crowd at parties, public events, or at high-end restaurants.” he says. “Our valet service is particularly in demand at weddings and large-scale events. I employ professional Bahraini drivers and event management employees.”

There is also a construction and property element to Osama’s business – he offers a property-finding service in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, and among his upcoming projects is a construction in Diyar Al Muharraq.

Osama’s own professional interests are similarly wide. He has worked in the property industry for 20 years, although prior to that he was an Islamic scholar in Saudi Arabia. He cites his uncle, Sheikh Abdullah Fouad, as a mentor and source of inspiration. “I look up to him and try to learn from his experiences,” he says. He believes his determination and motivation will make him stand in solid stead. “In the future, inshallah, I believe that with hard work and a focus on professionalism, I will enhance my business position. I have determination, patience, the characteristics of a businessman and with the support of my family and brothers, I will achieve my ultimate objectives.”

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