Scarf storage

Scarf storage

February 10, 2019

Amani Alaali wraps up ways to organise scarves

Getting ready every day can be so much easier when everything is organised. If you like to wear scarves in the chilly season, or even in general as an accessory or a headscarf, the chances are you have built quite a collection. However, those scarves often get pushed to the back of the closet and can easily pile up and get disorganised. Also, if you have a great collection, why hide it in the closet? To keep that collection organised you need good storage solutions.

There are many ways of storing scarves to make your life easier. You need to choose the one that best fits your closet, drawer, style or budget. Here are a few ideas to inspire you. With these suggestions in mind you never have to dig through a pile of scarves again. Hanging them in a closet, showcasing them on shelves or displaying them in an unconventional way, you will be able to find the scarf you are looking for in no time!



Ladders are a great way to maximise available space in terms of height – vertical space rarely gets used up – and the other benefit to using a ladder is that you can view all your scarves at once, which comes in handy when you need to pick the suitable match for your outfit.

Towel rail

Yes! The exact one you would install in the bathroom for your towels makes a great display for scarves. This is especially good if you have a wall that is not being used.

Pant/trouser hangers

When you don’t have enough space in your closet, pant or trouser hangers can hold a few scarves on a single hanger instead.

Fold them in an open storage system

Instead of keeping them hidden at the back of a closet, display them proudly in open shelving. You can colour coordinate them for a great visual effect.

Use drawer separators

Whether you buy shop-made dividers or repurpose something such as gift boxes or PVC tubes to divide up the drawers, separating a drawer makes storing scarves much easier. Instead of the scarves piling up and getting tangled together, each compartment maps out the space for each scarf.


This is the answer to all your small space problems, especially if you install it inside one of the closet doors or on an unused wall. It is both stylish and functional.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

Use clothes pegs and a tension rod or thick metal wire! This solution is easy on the pocket and looks great when done right. Another way is to use a wooden board and attach pegs to it, or even use mismatched key hooks for a shabby chic or quirky look. These inexpensive ways are great for displaying your pretty collection.

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