In good company

In good company

January 3, 2019

Among the brands available from Kitchen For Life are Spanish company Roca, which makes tiles, and Italian kitchen-maker Home Cucine

Unsurprisingly given its name, Kitchen For Life is primarily concerned with selling good-quality, long-lasting kitchens. The company stocks three brands – Beckermann Küchen, Home Cucine and Oppein – to satisfy a diverse customer base. However, in addition to all these kitchen cabinets and worktops, the firm also sells tiles by Spanish company Roca. Arabian Homes spoke to one of the owners of Kitchen For Life, Ahmed Al Jasim, about the appeal of two of its brands in particular, Roca tiles and Home Cucine.


Arabian Homes: Why did you decide to bring Roca products to Bahrain?
Ahmed Al Jasim: Roca is a globally known brand selling high-quality tiles for floors and walls. Respect for the environment underpins the company’s business – it was the first Spanish firm in its sector to achieve the Integrated Environmental Authorisation (AAI), and the company is committed to respecting the environment in all its products and at all stages of its manufacturing process.

Roca’s porcelain tiles come in stoneware, concrete, marble, fabric (tweed) and timber finish. The range is extensive, with smooth and textured tiles in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as many patterns available in different colourways. There is so much choice for buyers.

Thinking about kitchens, could you identify some of the latest trends in kitchen fittings?
In the same way that technology has impacted kitchen design, so too have new trends. For example, you can get built-in appliances with features such as temperature blast chilling, or tall laundry units.

What latest technologies has Home Cucine incorporated into its kitchens?
Home Cucine produces kitchens with many technologies. These range from LED lights with detectors on baskets to an electrically powered mechanism to open and close baskets and lift up wall units. Bluetooth audio speakers can be installed in the wall units, and magnetic mobile-phone chargers may be installed inside the worktop. Also, it’s now possible to install a pull-out electrical socket with USB plug.

Apart from this, Home Cucine kitchens come with great design features. The “Imperial” model features slide-out columns, and there are also trapezium-shaped wall units to maximise usable space in awkwardly shaped rooms. The “Boston” design comes with doors with a metal handle fitted in the door frame.


What different materials do Home Cucine kitchens come in?
From 2019, all the carcasses will be certified CARB 2 “American standard” chipboard panels with zero emission of formaldehyde. Carcasses are all in 100 per cent recycled chipboard panels.

The “Boston” door is painted with recycled vegetal materials (a water-based paint containing agricultural wastes). The door for the “Genesi” model is recyclable, with no emissions of dioxine (compared to the PVC doors used by many other producers). Other doors are in laminate or HPL in chipboard panels or painted on MDF or solid wood. Glass and metals are additional materials.

The name of your business implies good kitchens are long-lasting. What is the warranty for kitchens by Home Cucine?
Home Cucine kitchens come with a two-year warranty as per European standard. Even so, the company’s products are certified according to legislation and stress-tested every year, so they should have a long and productive life. Tests prove that these products can last a minimum of 15 years without negative modifications of the structure.

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