March 1, 2016

8‭ ‬Innovative Ideas to Welcome a Quirky Trend into Your Home.

Chalkboard application in home spaces has become a trend today. It is not just reserved for classrooms, and is it now also welcome in homes because of its quirky touch. It is a very interesting and interactive decoration tool as you can constantly change it to reflect your personality and mood. Everything from inspiration quotes and to-do lists, to doodles can be added to it. Chalkboard paint usually comes in black, but remember if black is too harsh for your interior scheme, different colors are also available. Here are different ways you can introduce the quirky trend into your home:

Home office


Chalkboard surfaces are particularly useful in the home office because there is always something you need to write down, whether it is a simple note, a list or something you just have to remember then and there. It is a great thing to have a surface that is constantly available whenever a great idea pops up that needs recording. Or any to do lists that need finishing up. Or even a calendar that helps organise your days.

Think of that before you repaint your home office and consider having a chalkboard wall. It is also a simple way of personalising the space and making it feel more inviting.

Kids’ rooms


Create a canvas for your kids’ artwork by painting an entire wall with chalkboard paint. They will love being able to make their own life-size murals without getting into trouble for writing on the walls!

Entry way


A framed blackboard can make a lovely decoration for your home’s entryway. You can add messages to your expected guests such as “Welcome” or even “Knock on the door, the bell does not work”. You can also add messages for yourself such as inspirational quotes that welcome you every time you enter the front door.

Paint a table with chalkboard paint


It is perfect for snacks and cheese parties for adults, and fun for little ones at home. A great way to keep the wall clean for children’s scribble is to give them a suitable surface to express their imagination on.

A quirky wall in the living room


Creating a space that can constantly be transformed. Adding to the usual snaps usually placed in the living room, you can add memorable quotes from your trips, or even highlight some photos more than others.

The kitchen


Instead of having old fashioned grocery lists stuck with magnets on your fridge ,how about a chalkboard surface to record them, or even write your favorite recipes. If you would rather not change the cabinets or backsplash, find a portion of wall that is free.Keep track of all the things you need to get done by applying chalkboard paint to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door. This way, your message space will be easily accessible to you, but not visible to visitors. If you enjoy growing herbs indoors, paint terracotta planters with chalkboard paint. Then label the pots with chalk to keep track of exactly what’s growing where—from basil to mint.

Framed chalkboards


If you think that a black wall is too harsh for your home or you are not ready to commit to it, you can frame smaller boards to add that touch.

Dining room


A framed chalkboard on the dining room wall can replace the artwork. If you think that a black wall is too harsh for your home or you are not ready to commit to it, you can frame smaller boards to add that touch.

By Amani Alaali. Amani holds an MA in Design from the University of Northumbria at Newcastle, UK. She is currently an Interior Design lecturer at Al-Ahlia University

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